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Jan Kilburn teachingKathleen Horst head
Kathleen Horst is a watercolorist.  Visitors to the Kathleen Horst Studio Gallery will find paintings of coastal landscapes, hillsides covered in spring flowers, and portraits of homes, from historic Victorian mansions to rustic seaside cottages.  She takes commissions for custom portraits of homes, cottages, and boats.  
Kathleen was a studio potter for 20 years, selling at art shows around the southeast from Coconut Grove, FL, to Nashville, TN.  Towards the end of that time she made hand-made painted and glazed tiles of private homes, which easily transitioned to the house portrait side of her watercolor business.
She returned to teaching high school, retiring a few years ago, which gave her the time to pursue her love of watercolor.
Her years living in Florida and Georgia inspired her with their luxurious color and historic architecture.  She writes, “Being able to capture a moment in time and space through my paintings and sharing it with the viewer is my goal.  The excitement of these scenes and keeping their memory with me is a treasure to keep forever.”


Will Kefauver portrait with painting

Will Kefauver head
Will Kefauver returned to painting after many years in the publishing industry as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, and executive.  These days Will can often be found in a field or on a rocky beach — painting in oils, en plein air. His work depicts the moods of the landscapes of Maine and New England, from the rugged barns and beaches of Midcoast, to the silver birches of a Vermont river.
His first love is the landscape and the colors and shapes defined by the changing light. Of particular fascination is the abstraction found in nature — whether in the forms of clouds doused by light or the interwoven branches of barren trees.
Will has both studied and been an instructor at the School of Visual Arts and the Katonah Arts Center in New York. His course of study has included instruction from Robert Speier, Milton Glaser, William P. Duffy, and Jock MacRae. Among the artists who have influenced him most significantly, Will cites Corot for his use of atmospheric perspective, Frank Benson for the energy of his composition, and Wolf Kahn, who can find color anywhere.
Will is an elected artist and President of the Pemaquid Group of Artists.  He is a Signature Member of the National Society of Artists and the Bristol Road Galleries. He was also an elected artist and for many years, a board member and Vice President of the Kent Art Association in Connecticut.
Will’s gallery feataures his work and the work of guest artists. He teaches teens and adults in oils and acrylics in his studio, and conducts pleir air workshops in beautiful midcoast locations.

Jan Kilburn ArtistJan Kilburn head
Jan Kilburn spends most of her time painting the seacoast of Maine and New Hampshire. When she is not painting outside, which she prefers, you'll find her at home in her studio painting or teaching watercolor classes. Monhegan Island, where she spends early summers, is one of her favorite painting locales. Living in the Midcoast area of Maine provides spectacular local subject matter in quaint villages like Pemaquid, New Harbor, Round Pond and her home Damariscotta. She captures the beauty of the New England coast with its capes and flower gardens. Mostly self taught, Jan has studied with Doris Rice, Judy Wagner, Tony VanHasselt and Peter Spataro.

Her passion for color gives her paintings a quality of their own. Her subjects are common and simple, but when translated onto paper using her soft but bright colors, she transforms them into something expressive and alive. "I want you to feel the beauty and warmth in these subjects. Every now and then everyone needs a peaceful place in which to escape. That's what I want to create."

Marnie Sinclair headshotMarnie Sinclair head
Marnie Sinclair is a process artist who works in many different mediums. Sculpture is her preferred medium and she is currently working with copper and other materials to create a series of sculptures entitled “Balance & Imbalance”.

For a downloadable brochure on the "Balance & Imbalance" project, click here.

Some of the pieces illustrate how plants communicate with each other, in perfect balance. Other sculptures explore the imbalance created by our species as we attempt to control nature. Sinclair provides the backstory for each sculpture, explaining the magic of plant intelligence, and how nature cooperates and adapts to survive.  She uses her sculptures to poignantly illustrate how climate change is destroying this perfect balance. Sinclair hopes her work will call attention to the importance of returning to a more sustainable way of living in order for all life to survive on this planet.

See Marnie's video about her "Balance & Imbalance" project by clicking here.